The 1,500 sqm Powder Coating Center is located at the Technology Incubator in Białogard.otwarcie IT

The Technology Incubator is a part of "Invest-Park" Investment Park of Białogard. In 2009 It was awarded the "Best Investment in North-Western Poland".

The Center is fitted with an automatic powder coating line for coating steel, aluminum and galvanized pieces.

system Power FreeThe powder coating line was built with advanced machinery and high quality technologies from leading global vendors such as Nordson (USA), Lechler (Germany), Bosch-Rexroth (Germany), Ferroli (Italy), Eurowater, Siemens (Germany).

This advanced powder coating line and highly qualified staff ensure high quality of coating and competitive service prices.

Standard dimensions of structures for powder coating:w myjce

- 3000 x 450 x 1600 (length x width x height)

- 2000 x 850 x 1600 (length x width x height)

  Weight: 200 kg (larger sizes upon request)






Before the final coat of paint is applied, metal surfaces are pretreated in a spray washer with six process zones. The spray washer provides a treatment process for traditional metal surfaces, i.e. degreasing with iron phosphate or zinc phosphate coating. We also implement nanoceramics as an innnovative surface treatment process. Qualified ELHUS personnel monitor the progress of surface treatment processes.

Nordson Prodigy2

 Nordson Prodigy1

We use advanced technology from Nordson Prodigy for applying the powder coats.





Our Power Free transport system and advanced controls cover all the powder coating processes. The process is adapted to the type of coated metal by a computer.

Upon the customer's request, we will conduct laboratory testing to verify the properties of produced coatings according to the following standards:

salt spray chamber according to PN-ISO 7253:2000,gotowy produkt
bend test according to PN-EN ISO 1519,
press forming test according to PN-EN ISO 1520,
impact strength according to PN-EN ISO 6272-1/6272-2,
incision grid PN-EN ISO 2409,
hardness ISO 15184.

ELHUS Sokołowscy s.c. is our strategic partner.

The Koszalin University of Technology is the technology partner of the Powder Coating Center.

FOSEKO – Powder Coating Center
Technology Incubator
ul. Kołobrzeska 58
78-200 Białogard
Aleksander Przyborski - General Manager
Mobile: 609 603 789
E-mail address:

"INVEST-PARK" Białogard offers a new opportunity of support for entrepreneurs planning to open or develop their manufacturing operations in north-western Poland. We offer new manufacturing facilities and investment sites with complete connections to services. "Invest-Park" Białogard shortens the time needed to launch production activities and lowers the costs of investment.

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