"Invest-Park" Białogard comprises investment sites with full services connections, with a total area of 45 tereny_inwestycyjne_investhectares, of which 14.38 hectares have the K-S status of a Special Economic Zones. We can split these areas into parcels of any size, according to the investor's needs. Investors operating in a Special Economic Zone can recover up to 55% of their investment expenditures.

In 2010, part of the "Invest-Park" area was awarded in the "First Class Land" competition as the best investment area in the West Pomeranian voivodeship.

The offered investment sites are located in the immediate vicinity of the Technology Incubator in Białogard.plac budowy They are connected to all necessary services, i.e. electricity, water, sewerage, gas and telecommunication mains. With their convenient location, they are directly accessible from major traffic routes, sea ports and airports.

Launching of manufacturing activities involves an investment process. The complete investment process comprises: purchase of an investment land plot, development of a concept for a manufacturing facility, execution of a building permit design and obtaining a building permit, followed by the erection of the manufacturing facility including an office and social section and infrastructure (service lines, roads, parking lots, etc.), as well as personnel recruitment and training.plac budowy2

A full investment process with handover of a new manufacturing facility to the investor usually takes around 18 months. This process is not only time consuming but also costly. Our company is capable of executing the complete investment process on the Białogard "Invest Park" site. Our team will in fact execute the full investment process in a much shorter time, i.e. within 6-9 months.

Time limits for carrying out the full investment process and handing over the new manufacturing facility to the investor are as follows:

•  6-9 months - for the industrial sector with a requirement for obtaining an environmental opinion,

•  6-9 months - for the food sector,

•  6 months -  for other sectors.

Our proposal for investors who need an even shorter investment process is the sale or rental of thebudowa manufacturing facilities we are currently building, ranging from 1,500 m2 to 5,000 m2 in size.

Within the "Invest-Park" Białogard project, the time for launching production becomes significantly shorter and investment costs are reduced.

During implementation of the investment process, we support the investor in recruiting highly qualified personnel. We also recruit and coach production staff free of charge as well.

The Koszalin University of Technology is a partner of "Invest-Park". The school teaches more than 9,000halaA! students in over 50 faculties (including Electronics, Information Technology, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Civil Engineering, and Economy).

There are crossings of major roads and rail routes near Białogard, which make it easier for inhabitants of the whole region to commute to work. There are about 310,000 inhabitants living within 35 km from "Invest-Park", of which around 210,000 are people of working age.

"INVEST-PARK" Białogard offers a new opportunity of support for entrepreneurs planning to open or develop their manufacturing operations in north-western Poland. We offer new manufacturing facilities and investment sites with complete connections to services. "Invest-Park" Białogard shortens the time needed to launch production activities and lowers the costs of investment.

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