Mr. Staffan Herrstrom, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden in Poland, and Mr. Daniel Larsson, Commerce Counsel to the Embassy, were the guests of honor of another Scandinavian Business Club meeting which was held on 29 May 2014 at the Rymań Palace. They were very satisfied with the news regarding the formation of the Scandinavian Business Club.sbc

'It's not an accident that the idea for integration of Scandinavian business in a club was born in North-Western Poland, which is the region where most Scandinavian companies have gathered', said Robert Madejski, President of the Management Board of "Invest-Park" Białogard.

'Owners, officers and managers of Scandinavian companies who are only considering investing in Poland are also invited to the Club meetings. Scandinavian Business Club means access to reliable information about Poland', said Bertil Larsson, Board President of the Rymań Palace.

sbc1Members of the "Scandinavian Business Club" as well as guests from the Swedish agency gave a positive response to the idea of publishing a Club Newsletter. A newsletter of the "Scandinavian Business Club" will definitely improve communication and integration of the Scandinavian business environment operating in Poland. A new extended issue of the Newsletter will be presented in September. We encourage all affiliates with Scandinavian capital to promote our initiative.

The Ambassador's visit in the Koszalin region arose a lot of interest, not only in business circles but also among the regional media.sbc2

For any inquiries related to the Club's activities, contact Mr. Paweł Pawlak, mobile: + 48 600 899 138 -

Furthermore, please learn more about the "Invest-Park" project, targeted at companies with Scandinavian capital that intend to start or develop their production in Poland, and give us your opinion about the project.

Scandinavian Business Club is supported by the following partners:

"Invest-Park" Białogard ; www.investparkbialogard.plsbc3

"Pałac w Rymaniu" [Rymań Palace] Hotel/Restaurant/SPA


Other companies are also encouraged to support this valuable initiative.

"INVEST-PARK" Białogard offers a new opportunity of support for entrepreneurs planning to open or develop their manufacturing operations in north-western Poland. We offer new manufacturing facilities and investment sites with complete connections to services. "Invest-Park" Białogard shortens the time needed to launch production activities and lowers the costs of investment.

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