On 28 October 2013, a conference was held in Białogard, entitled "Scandinavian Business In North Poland". The conference was organized by "Invest-Park" Investment Park in Białogard, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, the Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment, and the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce. The conference was opened by Mr. Andrzej Dycha, Vice-Minister of the Economy.

'I was really pleased to open the conference dedicated to Scandinavian investors on "Scandinavian Business In North Poland". I had the great pleasure to meet the owners and managers of Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish companies. Their contribution to the development of the Polish economy is considerable, and I should like to thank them again for that', said Andrzej Dycha, Vice-Minister of the Economy.konferencja1

The purpose of the conference was to sum up and review the Scandinavian investments in the north of Poland.
The conference was widely acknowledged. It was attended by ca. 20 representatives of over 40 companies with Scandinavian capital from the area of northern Poland.

A new "Invest-Park" Białogard project was presented for the first time during the conference, financed by the local government. "Invest-Park" Białogard project favors Scandinavian investment in the north of Poland and makes it significantly easier for investors to start production, as well as lowering the investment expenses.

konferencja'We offer new production buildings for rental or sale to Scandinavian investors. This enables the investor to avoid the time consuming, complex and costly investment process. Our most recent project was the design and execution of extension of a manufacturing building for an electrical engineering business - it was completed in just 3.5 months! We received co-financing from the local government; therefore, we are capable of offering new manufacturing facilities at attractive prices', said Robert Madejski, President of the Management Board of "Invest-Park" Investment Park of Białogard.

Mr. Daniel Larsson, Commerce Counsel of the Swedish Embassy in Poland, gave a very interestinglarsson1 presentation of the Swedish perspective on Poland. He pointed to cultural differences between the two countries which, as he emphasized, were being more and more successfully overcome.

The conference was also an opportunity for discussion and presentation of opinions about running a business in Poland. Participants of the conference jointly concluded that launching production in Poland was recommendable. First, the investment process had to be carefully planned, sometimes being a lengthy and costly process.


"INVEST-PARK" Białogard offers a new opportunity of support for entrepreneurs planning to open or develop their manufacturing operations in north-western Poland. We offer new manufacturing facilities and investment sites with complete connections to services. "Invest-Park" Białogard shortens the time needed to launch production activities and lowers the costs of investment.

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